Planning for a year abroad in NZ

This is my first post to the blog and I can honestly say that planning for my exchange year abroad at the University of Otago has been surprisingly smooth – no glitches so far and much less stressful than I expected!

Filling in my visa application was a welcome distraction from constant studying for the April/May exams! Because the academic year starts at Otago Uni on 6th July I was paranoid that my visa wouldn’t arrive in time! There was no need to panic – I sent my application to the NZ embassy at the end of April and it came back 5 days later!!!

My application for tuition fees and student loan through the Student Awards Agency for Scotland was also processed very quickly (within a week).

The icing on the cake was hearing this week that I now have an address in Dunedin – Dundas Street will be my new home for the next year! I can’t wait to move in and meet my 3 other flatmates! I wonder what they’ll be like and where they come from…

I think it’s crucial to apply for everything you need to apply for as soon as possible – I think it makes life much easier! It’s really satisfying being able to tick things off the ‘to do’ list and is reassuring to know all the important things are organised.


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